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United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association (UCCBA)

The United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association (UCCBA), Associate Member of the CBF, is a society of Chinese biblical associations and groups throughout the world, providing services for the biblical-pastoral ministry. Its emergence was the fruit of the CBF First Asian Workshop held in Hong Kong in 1985. The foundation of UCCBA was officially laid during the Second Chinese Biblical Meeting in 1990, reflecting on "The Bible and New Evangelization" for the preparation of the CBF Fourth Plenary Assembly (Bogot?, Colombia, 1990).

With a Biblical Servicing Center located in Hong Kong, UCCBA coordinates its work through liaison with members, publication of news bulletin and regular meetings to foster communication and sharing of biblical resources and formation materials. The international network of UCCBA, linked with the Overseas Chinese Apostolic Center of the Sacred Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in Italy, is divided into the South West Pacific/Europe, the North Asia, the Americas and the Oceania regions.

Its purpose is to implement Chapter VI of the DEI VERBUM Constitution and to assist Chinese Catholics worldwide to promote Bible sharing, study and research. The major function of UCCBA is to promote the biblical pastoral ministry in the Chinese-speaking world. The founding and constitutive members include the Bible Associations from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

UCCBA publishes a regular bulletin, named as "Communion" (first bi-monthly issue in 1990 and changed to quarterly format in 2004). Each issue has a set theme based on a chosen book or theme, providing exegetical and pastoral information for personal reflections. The bulletin also gives news on the biblical pastoral ministry worldwide and introduces different methods of Bible reading/sharing.

UCCBA became a member of the CBF in 1993.

Meetings of United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association (UCCBA)

  • 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan: UCCBA - First Chinese Biblical Meeting: "God?s Prophetic People"
  • 1990 in Hong Kong: UCCBA - Second Chinese Biblical Meeting: "The Bible in the New Evangelization"
  • 1992 in Singapore: UCCBA - Third Chinese Biblical Meeting: "Bible and Formation of the Laity"
  • 1995 in Macau: UCCBA - Fourth Chinese Biblical Meeting: "God?s Word Giving New Life to Chinese Communities"
  • 1998 in Singapore: UCCBA - Fifth Chinese Biblical Meeting: "Reading the Bible in Chinese Cultural Context"
  • 2000 in Sydney, Australia: UCCBA - Sixth Chinese Biblical Meeting: "Interactive Interpretation of Confucian Books and the Holy Bible"
  • 2003 in Kuching, East Malaysia: UCCBA - Seventh Chinese Biblical Meeting: "Word and Eucharist - Source of Life"
  • 2007 in Macau: "Experiences of Community Building with the Word of God - "The Word of God is alive and active!" (Heb 4:12)"

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