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Welcome to the Website Section
of the Northeast Asia Subregion!

Subregional Coordinator

Ms. Cecilia Chui

Cecilia Chui is a member of the Hong Kong Catholic Biblical Association (HKCBA), Full Member of the CBF, and Liaison Secretary of the Biblical Servicing Center of the United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association (UCCBA), Associate Member of the CBF.

Ms. Chui has been serving as Subregional Coordinator since 1990.
She was reelected by the Executive Committee in 2008.

For address cf. Coordinators.


Regional and subregional structures were already discussed during the Malta Plenary Assembly (1978). The Final Statement of the Bangalore Plenary Assembly (1984) recommended to consider the creation of subcontinental and subregional structures with a coordinator in each zone and to organize regular meetings at these levels for CBF members and others engaged in the biblical apostolate. However, the function of subregional coordinators did not become official till the Bogot? Plenary Assembly (1990) even though the Northeast Asia Subregion had a subregional coordinator during the period 1984-1990.

The Constitution, as amended during the Bogot? Plenary Assembly officially recognizes the structuring of regions and subregions (Art. IX) and defined the roles of regional and subregional coordinators (Art. X.2).

Northeast Asia

Northeast Asia belongs, together with South Asia (with members in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Southeast Asia (with members in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam) and Oceania (with members in Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga), to the CBF region of Asia/Oceania.

The following countries are members of the Northeast Asia Subregion:

Hong Kong (1 Full Member, 3 Associate Members)
Japan (3 Associate Members)
Korea (1 Full Member, 5 Associate Members)
Macau (1 Full Member)
Taiwan (1 Full Member)

For more information about the member institutions, cf. Members in Northeast Asia, Member Database.

Priorities 2002-2008

Recommit ourselves in the biblical pastoral ministry in three main areas:

  • Awareness building
  • Formation
  • Networking and collaboration

1. Awareness Building

  • Continue to intensify promotion of greater awareness of the importance at different levels of the Church.

2. Formation

  • Development and execution of biblical formation programs for the laity; make available different biblical materials, e.g. guidelines of Bible Enthronement Ceremony; different Bible sharing methods; foster inculturated reading and praying of the Bible.
  • Facing the challenge of religious pluralism - the Biblical Committee of Korea will make efforts to help the Korean faithful to strengthen their Christian identity and belief; members of the subregion will see to the possibility of collaborating with the World Council of Churches to overcome violence and lack of religious freedom.
  • Make use of electronic media - SOLPH (Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Korea) to continue to intensify its Cyber Bible Apostolate; continue to develop a website for sharing news in the biblical pastoral ministry for the Greater China region and overseas Chinese communities.

3. Networking and Collaboration

  • UCCBA (United Chinese Catholic Biblical Association) to continue to extend its membership network of Chinese communities worldwide.
  • Maintain close communication and collaboration with other Asian subregions.
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